Au Pair and Au Pair job description

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Au Pairs are foreign girls or boys joining British host families while studying English. They are happy to assist the family with all domestic chores and child care duties for pocket money. Au Pairs are usually not experienced enough to be left in sole charge of young children. Please note that an Au Pair should never be expected to take sole charge of children under the age of 2 years because they do not have suitable qualifications, personal or working experience, knowledge of the life in the UK, most likely with no drivers license or not confident to drive in the UK and etc.
Only a Nanny has sufficient skills and experience to take such responsibility.

Our Au pairs are usually young girls aged from 17 to 29, from Eastern or Central Europe. An Au pair requires free time during the day to attend language classes and should have the privacy of her own room. The Hosting Families must provide a decent size bedroom with TV/DVD and access to internet, food and treat them as part of the family. Au pair service is a good choice for families with school age children.

An Au pair will live as part of your family for anything up to an year, we recommend that Au pairs are working 20-30 hours per week with two full days off and 1 evening babysitting per week. The Au pair’s free time is for studying English at a local college, which is the main reason for their visit to the UK. They are a great extra pair of hands and 95 % fit perfectly in the host family homes. They also are perfect for your kids’ cultural exchange and a great experience that all families should only benefit from for many years.
Some of them are coming straight from their countries and they need the hosting family/agency to arrange their visa (if needed), meet them at the airport (or the introducing agent will have to organise everything for an additional fee), transport them to the family’s house, help them find a suitable language school in the same area and arrange the working hours in order that allows the Au Pair to visit the school during the day and have some free time to study at home. Make sure you ask the agent for their help and more information on services or provide the agent with more information if you can deal with it and organise it yourselves.

Working days, hours and payment for Au Pair: Au Pair pay is £70-80.00 for 20 hours, working hours: 7.30am-9am and 3pm-6.30pm + 1 evening babysitting (a second one can be arranged and paid separately) Monday to Friday, weekend is off.
Au Pair +: 7am-9am, and 3-7-7.30pm, + 1 evening babysitting (a second one can be arranged and paid separately) Monday to Friday, weekend is off, the pay is L100-120/week

The Au pair is responsible for paying his/her English course and travelling expense to the UK, in most cases the hosting family must arrange the transportation to their home (meeting her at the airport and transport her to their home). Hosting families can also either pay for her travel card/mini cab/coach to address or can require this service from Panda Miracles to organize it for them with an additional £70 charge + travel cost if not in M25 area)
* If we are able to introduce you a suitable candidate we would then email you a recent photo of the candidate and sometimes their family as well, her CV and references from previous employers/school teacher if possible. Some candidates have a You-tube clip recorded, so you can have a better idea who is coming to live with you.
We encourage all host families to also provide photos of the whole family and the bedroom they provide as well.

The candidates are not able to provide current UK CRB check but a current one from their country of origin which we accept and provide to the families translated. If the Host family requires an UK one, they can apply for one prior to the engagement start date and pay for it.
The start date of employment has to be arranged well in advance as most Au pairs are not living in the UK and have to travel to the UK from a Central or Eastern European country.
Host families can interview candidates for Au Pair not present in the UK through Skype or telephone. Please bear in mind that is more likely to interview candidates for Au Pair not currently present in the UK.

  • Au Pair’s average wage: £70-80.00 for up to 20 hours/week, £100-120 for up to 35 hours/week
  • Au Pairs can be signed for short periods like: 3 months (for summer holidays: June, July, August), for 6 months or 1 year period.
  • Au Pair Agency fee: £250 (1 year commitment), £150 for 6 months and £100 for summer holidays (June-July-August)
  • Au Pair Booking fee: £20, deductible from your bill and is only refundable if Panda Miracles is not able to provide you with Suitable Candidates for interview.

Living and working conditions:

  • When you place your order with us and before you make a job offer we recommend that you provide the agent with some photos of your family, of the bedroom and bathroom you will provide the Au Pair with and a short description of the job and living conditions you offer.
  • It is also recommended that you make the job offer in writing (with a detailed job description, duties required, working days, days off, working hours and salary net per week you offer in order to prevent any misunderstandings before you sign the employment contract). Panda Miracles will require a written confirmation that the job is accepted before the actual contract takes place especially if there is more than a week time before the job commences.
  • There is an Au Pair invitation letter that has to be filled in and emailed/posted to the Au Pair and an Au Pair agreement for a fixed period of time to be signed.